31 janvier 2008

Beach, barbecue and boxing... haaaa

Plenty of people travel for the pleasure of playing golf (including my man), riding a bike or having fun in a kayaking trip in canada... so when i decide that i will try to join a boxing club while our stay in australia (4 weeks) my man looked puzzled...
-" but you are really sure you want to waiste your time boxing ? there are better things to do isn' t it ??
Typical indeed... but i realized that there is nothing i like to do better  beside a nice holiday time : i love boxing, it' s fun, and above all it' s a good way to meet the " local" and to fight the  holiday extra temptations (barbecues, wines, new kind of food etc.. hehehehe.
Furthermore you discover quickly at the airport that a pair of gloves are much more easier to carry than a 15kg golf bag  when you already have to carry 2 enormous suitcases, several handbags and- i nearly forgot-.. a 21 old months little girl running around.

Here is how i discover the Big ben boxing club in Carrum (suburb melbourne) under supervizion of Coach Ben Chua. THe club was very quiet due to the summer holidays in australia and It was great, i really had lot' s of fun, learnt a few tricks, got to work on the padds a lot, sparred with a very very light weight (46kg) Candice (and a very very good young talent)  and suffered a hell with the plyometrics/weight training routine. It' s also a big change to train by 35 degree  when used to the much cooler netherlands' s temperature !

here we go first video : ( you can hear esther in the backgroung
Waooooh maman !! and i wear my Tshirt stage Marseille for the circumstances hehe)

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