09 mars 2008

TRaining in australia (2)

a second and third video... boxing trainingUploaded by boxingladies boxing trainingUploaded by boxingladies
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31 janvier 2008

Beach, barbecue and boxing... haaaa

Plenty of people travel for the pleasure of playing golf (including my man), riding a bike or having fun in a kayaking trip in canada... so when i decide that i will try to join a boxing club while our stay in australia (4 weeks) my man looked puzzled... -" but you are really sure you want to waiste your time boxing ? there are better things to do isn' t it ??Typical indeed... but i realized that there is nothing i like to do better  beside a nice holiday time : i love boxing, it' s fun, and above all it' s a good way to... [Lire la suite]
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14 septembre 2007

Anabella farias #5 amateure mondiale 60kg en video

Je continue sur ma lancée vidéo avec ces 2 vidéos de la N* 5 mondiale en 60kg qui s'entraine au sac : un jolie style non ?  et la voici au padds... relax et jolie balance :
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